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Knowledge Base

  • Tool Profile: Dynabrade Dynafile Range
    Introduced in 1969, the original Dynabrade Dynafile was intended to replace tedious hand-filing. Since then the design has been improved and refined, with various new models having been released over the last 50 years. These all offer different features suited to various applications, however with so many options to choose from it can make it […]
  • DynaShop Demonstration Van Tools
    About our demonstration van In 2016 Dynashop launched its first iteration of the demonstration van this helped enable us to visit customers, see their applications in person and offer on-site advice. In 2021 the demonstration van was completely revamped! A brand new van fully equipped with all the major Dynabrade tools from random orbital sanders […]
  • Dynabrade Tools For Weld Preparation & Removal
    The tools listed below have been identified as Dynabrade’s top-performing air tools for weld preparation and removal applications. Consistent speed and power are critical to consider when selecting an air tool. Dynabrade manufactures powerful tools that maintain speed and will allow a welder to quickly ready the work surface or remove poor/damaged welds. One step […]
  • Spotlight On Dynabrade’s Latest Tools & Equipment
    Overview of the latest products from Dynabrade, available to buy here on DynaShop! DynaShop’s Spotlight Series – A chance to see what’s new in the world of Dynabrade tools. Take a look at the newest products below!
  • Dynabrade Tools For The Aerospace Industry
    Dynabrade Inc. presents an incredible variety of pneumatic tools for use in the aerospace industry. Providing countless application solutions, these top-quality tools reduce production time as they improve your final product!  
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome – The Risks and How To Manage Them
    What is HAVS? Hand – Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a condition related to the consistent use of tools or equipment that operate with a level of vibration. The condition commonly shows as “white finger” or carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerve damage and restricted blood flow to the hands and fingers can occur and as a […]
  • Dust Extraction – The Importance & How to Control It
    Why Is Dust Extraction Important? In short dust extraction systems are an essential part of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) consequently; failing to comply with legal regulations and the proper assessments can have costly impacts on your business. Finding a solution can also improve the following. Staff Safety Dust can cause some serious […]
  • Air Line Solutions For Increased Performance & Improved Safety
    Reduce air loss to increase productivity & efficiency Dynashop offer airline solutions in both spark-resistant or antistatic options. Designed to increase efficiency and improve operator safety for all tasks involving compressed air. These airline solutions are ideal for all industries. High flow & Energy saving The quick-connect coupler has the highest airflow on the market. […]
  • Electrostatic Discharge (E.S.D) Sanding Solutions
    What is electrostatic discharge? ESD is the sudden discharge of an accumulated electrical charge between two objects. Discharges at elevated voltages can often be observed in the form of a visible spark and felt by a person. Causes of ESD Sanding applications have a high likelihood of generating static electricity. This is due to the […]
  • Preventative Maintainenance For Dynabrade Tools
    Dynabrade offers a high quality, durable range of tools that are built to last, but they do have moving parts and as such, they require regular servicing to maximise their lifetime & performance. With the right preventive maintenance in place, you can however keep them in good working order, to minimise the cost involved when […]
  • How to Select A Compressor / Air Supply System
    Guidelines for Selecting A Compressor To Meet Your Requirements D) Tank Size As a general rule, the larger the tank, the better the system. Use a larger tank for installations where large flows of short duration are needed. Example: For a 5 hp compressor use a 60 Gal. (227 L), 80 Gal. (303 L) or […]