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Dynabrade Dynabelter

For Weld Grinding, Blending and Finishing on Metal and Other Surfaces

• Dynabrade Dynabelter is ideal for work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic, stone and composites.
• Uses include grinding cylinders, deburring castings, cleaning welds and fabricating metals.
• Also excellent for polishing tubing, deburring structural steel, finish dimensioning on lathe work and blending inside corners.
• Safety-lock lever included on all models.

Model 11475 (Standard Duty, .7 hp)
• Accepts 1″ wide x 30″ long abrasive belts.
• Adjustable speed; removable side handle.
• Includes 11681 Contact Arm Assembly.
• Ideal for use with 1/4″ Dynaswivel® and 95676 Coupler/Plug Assembly.

Model 11476 (Heavy-Duty, 1.2 hp)
• Accepts 1″ wide x 30″ long abrasive belts.
• Includes 11681 Contact Arm Assembly, and top control handle.
• Ideal for use with 3/8″ Dynaswivel® and 98265 Coupler/Plug Assembly.

Model 11477 (Extra Heavy-Duty, 2.0 hp)
• Accepts 2″ wide x 30″ long abrasive belts.
• Includes pressure bar with top control handle.
• Includes 11870 Contact Arm Assembly.
• Ideal for use with 1/2″ Dynaswivel® and 98273 Coupler/Plug Assembly.
• 11871 Contact Arm with 4″ dia. contact wheel is available for 2″ wide x 60″ long belts, providing a 20″ workable reach.

Model 11486 (Heavy-Duty, 1.2 hp)
• Efficiently removes excess weld material and leaves a narrow “in-line” scratch pattern. This model takes the guesswork out of weld grinding, and prevents undercutting!
• Adjustable guide tires control the depth of abrasive belt cut. Simple twist-knobs adjust depth of cut. Allows controlled grinding on flats, contours and inside/outside of pipes and tanks.
• Includes 11717 Adjust-A-Wheel Contact Arm with 90-durometer standard serrated Contact Wheel, 2″ diameter x 1″ wide.

Work on Longitudinal Welds:
• I.D. – 12″ diameter pipe or larger.
• O.D. – 8″ diameter pipe or larger.

Dynabelter Specs Table

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