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Dynabrade Cup Wheel Grinders

For Fast Weld and Stock Removal, Rust and Scale Removal, Heavy Deburring

• Each model accepts optional Type 11 Cup Wheels, 6″ (152 mm) diameter. Covers more area in less time!
• Governor-controlled air motor maintains tool RPM under heavy load.
• Overspeed shut-off feature ensures maximum operator safety.
• Motor is gearless with less wearable parts, ensuring reduced maintenance and less downtime.
• Insulated tool handle minimizes cold air transmission to the hand. Handle position is adjustable for operator comfort.
• All models include safety-lock throttle lever.
• For peak performance, use of optional 95870 Air Hose (1/2″ diameter) is recommended.
Model 53233
2 hp (1,491 W), 6,000 RPM
Model 53243
3 hp (2,237 W), 6,000 RPM

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