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Dynabrade Dynafine® “Backsplash” Sander

Air-Powered Dynafine® Finishing Sander – A Must for All Solid Surface Fabricators

Model 58000
• Excellent for fabricating solid surface coved backsplashes;
ideal for cleaning metal edges and corners.
• Includes 58021 and 58024 Backsplash Pads, shown below.
• Air motor features 1/32″ diameter orbital action for achieving
a superior finish.
• Lightweight tool of only 1.6 lbs!
• Low profile housing allows easy access in hard-to-reach areas.
Handle is offset 7° for greater operator comfort
and control.
• Includes 94407 Dynaswivel® with fingertip air-flow control dial.

58010 Versatility Kit
• Includes tool with all five sanding pads shown below and an
assortment of PSA (adhesive-backed) abrasives.
Dynabrade Dynafine Backsplash Sander Image-sandingpads{2}

Dynabrade Dynafine Backsplash Sander Image1

Dynabrade Dynafine Backsplash Sander Specs Table

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