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Dynabrade Tools For Marine Manufacturing & Repair

Dynabrade has an impressive range of tooling designed for use in marine manufacturing and boat repair.

Dynorbital Spirits, particularly in the finer 2.5mm orbit models, are ideal for patch repair on gel and clear coat, also great for removing “print-through” patterns in fibreglass.

For easy removal of excess fibreglass, the pistol grip disc sander is the tool to use, and also recommended for other applications such as scuff sanding on the boat’s resin surface, in preparation for proper adhesion of buoyancy foam.

Boats have many corners and grooves which are difficult to access and even harder to finish delicately with conventional tooling, and so the popular Dynafine “Backsplash” sander is the ideal tool for the job. With its radiused sanding pad it provides easy reach into corners and other awkward areas, and is utilised for finesse sanding, gel coat touch-up and general spot repair.

Dynabrade buffers are useful at the latter stages of the finishing process. For effective buffing and final finishing, these run at the optimum speed of 2,000 RPM which means scratches are being polished out and not melted into the surface, as is often the case with faster buffers.

For quick punch-out of holes on dashboard templates, and for creating other openings, use Dynabrade’s right angle drill; with diamond hole saws this will be done in no time at all.

Looking for something more aggressive? Dynabrade’s market-leading range of Dynafile Abrasive Belt Tools are unmatched in their quality and performance, and are recommended for sanding down rough edges of trimmed pieces using the slack of the belt.

Dynabrade also offer an extensive range of gear-driven sanders which are perfect for “fairing” and sanding on moulds or plugs.

The applications listed are only some of the ways in which Dynabrade tools can be best utilised in the marine industry, however there are many more to the extent that there is a tool available for almost all requirements in boat manufacturing and repair.