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Dynabrade Dynorbital Spirit Random Orbital Sanders For Marine Manufacturing & Repair

The Lightest Tool on the Market Today!

• Ideal for achieving a swirl-free finish on paint and other surfaces.
• Incorporates the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to create the lightest sander on the market today. Non-vacuum model weighs just 22 ounces (1.4 lbs./0.64 kg). This makes the Dynorbital-Spirit™ ideal for all vertical applications.

Innovative Bearing Seals

• Innovative “V-Seal” bearing seal (patent pending) protects balancer shaft bearing from sanding residue for longer life.
• Unique “top hat” seal protects front motor bearing from sanding residue. Also holds in bearing lubrication while keeping out other contaminants.

Vacuum Capabilities

• Non-vacuum configuration for use without dust extraction, and can be converted to self-generated vacuum tool for connection to a self-contained hose-and-bug dust collection system.
• Self-generated vacuum options ready for connection to optional, portable self-contained dust collection systems (50617 or 56303.)
• Central vacuum configurations available, with 1″ (25 mm) dia. vacuum port for easy central vacuum hook-up.

59039 Dynorbital-Spirit™ Random Orbital Sander moves abrasive disc in a small orbit of 3/32″ (2 mm). This is ideal for patch repair on gel coat and clear coat, as the tight sanding pattern leaves a finish that can be perfectly buffed in just one more step. Dynorbital-Spirit™ is also great for removing “print-through” patterns in fiberglass. Dynabrade durability means the Dynorbital-Spirit™ will last longer than other brands, and when repair is needed, our unique “Drop-In Motor” puts the tool back to work in minutes!

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