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Dynabrade Dynapen Reciprocating Tools

Air-Powered Reciprocating Tools For Engraving, Precision Removal & Deburring

DynaPen accepts multiple accessories for engraving, precision removal and deburring. Combining rapid action with short stroke length, DynaPen is used on plastics, composites, steel, aluminum and more. An essential tool for industries such as aerospace, mold-making, firearms, machine and model shops, plus computer and cell phone manufacturing!

Model 10843 – 1/8″ Collet Insert (51659)
Model 10832 – 3 mm Collet Insert (51673)
• Lightweight pneumatic tool operates at 14,000 strokes per minute, providing fast, efficient material removal.
• Short stroke length of .007″ (.018 mm) minimizes risk of gouging delicate surfaces.
• 1/8″ and 3 mm Collet Inserts accept Scribe Points, Files and Chisels. Optional Collet Inserts of 1/16″ (51780) and 3/32″ (51674) also available.
• In-line filter prevents debris from entering tool through air line, ensuring longer tool life.
• “Easy Grip” rubber sleeve ensures comfortable and secure tool handling.
• Air line swivels 360° for greater maneuverability, especially on contoured parts.
• 95731 Wrench (included) allows quick one-step change of all accessories.
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DynaPen Filer Kit

Includes Assortment of Popular Files!
• DynaPen with File is ideal for intricate deburring and finishing on delicate parts.
• Accepts Reciprocating Files 3-1/2″ (89 mm) long, in various shapes. Three files included in Kit.

10844 Kit
• 10832 DynaPen with 51673 Collet Insert (3 mm)
• 51659 Collet Insert (1/8″)
• Double Cut Swiss Pattern Files: 90900 Rectangular, 90901 Curved, 90930 Half-Round
• 95731 Wrench

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Dynabrade Dynapen Reciprocating Tool Specs Table

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