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DynaShop Owned and Operated by SAIC

Dynabrade Drills & Specialty Tools

We offer a wide range of Dynabrade air drills in a variety of different configurations for comfortable every day use.
Speeds range from 500 to 20,000 RPM while the power output starts at 0.4hp and go up to 1hp for more demanding and heavy-duty requirements.
Vacuum options are also available with dust-extraction capabilities to minimise inhalation of dust particles for the operator, while all models have an integrated safety-lock throttle lever that prevents accidental start-up.
Side handles are included on some tools for greater accuracy and control.

A range of specialty tools are also available for engraving, precision removal & finishing, deburring, filing, sanding & sawing. Designed for intricate work on small components & parts, these are ideal for various applications including dental mould-makers, jewellers, artists and archaeology shops.