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Dynabrade "Two-Step" System Tools

Utilizing Mini-Orbital Sander and Dynabuffer

Proven Method for Repairing Minor Surface Defects in Clearcoat


Choose One of These Models:

» Model 58037 Right Angle Denibber
» Model 57502 Palm-Style Mini-Dynorbital® Sander
» Model 69502 Palm-Style Mini-Dynorbital® Silver Supreme Sander
• Attach abrasive disc to sanding pad, then apply water to abrasive disc.
• Place sanding pad on surface defect, positioning pad slightly off-center. Apply light pressure.
• Throttle tool ON, and sand in random motion for about two seconds.
• Keep sanding pad FLAT on surface while sanding, allowing tool and abrasive to do the work. Try to keep sanded area as small as possible.
• With tool still running, move tool OFF work surface and then stop it. Wipe surface dry with clean, soft cloth.


Choose One of These Models:

» Model 57126 Dynabuffer
» Model 55126 Dynabuffer
» Model 58455 Dynabuffer
• Apply small amount of polishing compound to optional buffing pad attached to Dynabuffer. Spread compound evenly to precondition pad.
• Apply small drop of polishing compound to work surface. Use pad to spread compound evenly over sanded area of surface.
• Place pad on sanded area and apply pressure (approximately 3 lbs./1.4 kg of pressure.)
• Throttle tool ON, and adjust pressure to minimize vibration (finding the “sweet spot”.)
• Move pad in random motion, keeping pad flat or tipped slightly forward.
• Throttle tool OFF with pad still on surface (“start ON and stop ON”.)
• Wipe surface dry with clean, soft cloth.
• If imperfections are still visible, repeat Two-Step System.

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