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Dynabrade Dynascalers

Air-Powered Descaling and Surface Preparation Tool For Heavy-Duty Industrial, Marine, Construction Applications

• All models use optional “bonded shot” flap assemblies.
• Ideal for weld preparation, plus removing rust, oxide, scale, old paint and tough coatings.

Hand-Held Models

• Steel dowel pin (keepers) system allows easy flap loading and unloading.
• Four-position top handle adjusts for operator comfort.

Model 30304 – Straight Line
• For 2″ wide work on inside of pipe.
• Six-slot hub (2-1/4″ wide) accepts optional “bonded shot” flap assemblies. Adjustable for exact positioning of flap assemblies to surface.

Model 30336 – Straight Line, Central Vacuum
Model 30337 – Right Angle, Central Vacuum
• Each model is for 2″ wide work on flat surfaces.
• Ideal for removal of floor paint/coatings and for scarifying concrete.
• Vacuum port accepts 1-1/2″ diameter cuff.

Floor Models

Model 30303 – 2″ Wide
Model 31600 – 3″ Wide
• Each model has 20-slot hub for optional “bonded shot” flap assemblies.
• Adjustable edge guide assures straight-line descaling (not recommended for use without edge guide.)

Over-Under Model

Model 30200 – 1″ Wide Top and Bottom
• Mechanically fractures scale and coatings, with negligible removal of base metal.
• “Over-under” simultaneous removal of scale, from top and bottom of girder webplates prior to welding.
• Top and bottom unit each use optional 1″ wide “bonded shot” flap assemblies. Top unit easily detaches to permit portable “touch up” descaling.

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Dynabrade Dynascalers Specs Table

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