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Dynabrade Die Grinders

Dynabrade Die Grinders Offered in a Variety of Configurations

Geared and Gearless Tool Offerings

• Geared Tools generally have higher torque levels and broader power range, while gearless tools offer reduced maintenance and downtime.

Two Types of Gearing
• Planetary gears are inline speed reduction gears. The greater the reduction, the higher the torque levels.
• Right angle bevel gears turn the spindle of the machine 90° from the motor. Typically there is a speed reduction but not as much as planetary gears.

Gearless Tools
• Gearless tools have lower vibration levels due to the omission of transmitting power through gears.
• They offer longer tool life with fewer wearable parts, resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime.
• Among tools with the same horsepower rating, gearless tools will generally have
lower torque levels than geared tools.
• Look for the gearless icon (right) to quickly identify a gearless model.

Exhaust and Muffler Offerings

• Choose from front exhaust, rear exhaust (with extended muffler), and rear exhaust (with standard muffler).

Front Exhaust
• Front exhaust tools direct debris away as tool is running, allowing clear view of work surface.

Dynabrade Die Grinder Image-frontexhaust

Rear Exhaust
• Extended muffler design is ideal for larger hands, as the tool length is extended to accommodate the higher performing, tri-muffling technology.

Dynabrade Die Grinder Image-rearexhaust

• Abbreviated length of standard muffler is ideal for smaller hands.

Dynabrade Die Grinder Image-collettable3