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Dynabrade Air Line Fittings

Cost-Effective Air Tool Connections


Dynabrade Plug Fittings

Press-On Fittings (for Swivel Air Lines Only)

Dynabrade Air Line Fittings Image1

Barbed Fittings

Dynabrade Air Line Fittings Image2

“Mega Flow” Plugs

Ported Design to Prevent Starving of the Air Tool

• Durable zinc-plated steel construction.
• Provides up to twice the air flow of a standard plug design.
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Speed Control Dial

• Connects Directly to Air Tool
Dynabrade Air Line Fittings Image4

Dynabrade Couplers

Steel and Brass Couplers

• Durable nickel-plated steel and brass construction.
• Single action quick-connect by just inserting plug into coupler. Pull back on sleeve of coupler for quick disconnect.

Dynabrade Couplers Image1
Dynabrade Couplers Image2

Composite-Style Couplers

• Composite-style design provides maximum air flow to tools.
• Heavy duty construction.
• Easy connect/disconnect by single push-button action.
• Shock-proof, low-vibration, crush-resistant.
• Lightweight 1.4 oz. (0.04 kg), non-marring composite material.

Dynabrade Couplers Image3
Dynabrade Couplers Image4

Safety Couplers

• Unique “Two Step” Safety Disconnect System releases air pressure before tool is disconnected.
• Engineered to minimize air leakage and eliminates “hose whip.”
• Aerodynamically-designed valve improves air flow to tool.
• Ergonomically designed for easy one-hand operation.
• Advanced anti-static composite and stainless steel construction; cannot rust or corrode.
• Impact resistant with non-scratch surface.
• Conforms to ISO 4414 standard, and these specifications: 7.2/7.4 European full flow profile.Dynabrade Couplers Image6
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