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Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals

Air-Powered Random Orbital Sander For Comfortable, Controlled Two-Hand Operation

Model 57101 – Low Profile Model
• Unique low profile two-hand model is weight-mated to 5″ diameter sanding pad.
• 56106 Non-Vacuum, vinyl-face pad included.
• Also includes convenient 97166 Hanger.
• A versatile, lightweight two-hand random orbital sander.
Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image1

• Long handle allows excellent comfort and control, especially when working on vertical sides of workpiece. Provides longer reach!
• Includes low profile premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad.
• 5″ and 6″ models are 12,000 RPM. Pads have 5/16″-24 male thread.
• 8″ models are 10,000 RPM. Pads mount with 5 screws.
• Choose from two diameter orbits:
Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image-orbits


Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image-nonvactable

Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image2

Self-Generated Vacuum

• Self-generated vacuum models are ready for connection to optional portable dust collection system (50617 shown).
• Vacuum port accepts 1-1/4″ diameter hose cuff for increased vacuum flow (no overskirt shroud is included).
• Not recommended for use with external or central vacuum system.
Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image-selfgenvactable
Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image3

Central Vacuum

• Ready for connection to external or central vacuum system.
• All models include combination lip seal/overskirt shroud, which offers enhanced vacuum capability and greater workpiece visibility.
• 6″ diameter models include 1″ outside diameter vacuum port.
• 8″ diameter model includes 2″ outside diameter vacuum port.
Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Image-centralvactable
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Dynabrade Two-Hand Dynorbitals Specs Table

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