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Roloc Discs (Quick-Change)

We are proud to be able to offer a huge range of roloc (quick-change) discs, including the new ‘Nitro’ and ‘Turbo’ brands. Providing fantastic value for money, these include everything from general purpose light stock removal discs, to premium quality heavy grinding discs designed to outlast the competition. Choose from coated abrasive (zirconia and ceramic) roloc discs, surface conditioning discs, stripping discs, unitised (for blending & finishing), and felt (for polishing). We can also offer specialist options for more demanding or niche applications, with stock of the backing pads and we can also recommend the right tool for the job depending on your budget.
Feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements and to see if we can help you save money on your overall production costs!

Widest range of materials available, all usually in stock
FREE next-day delivery for all orders over £100
Choose from: abrasive, surface conditioning (SCM), stripping, unitised and felt
Sizes 50mm and 75mm abrasive & SCM in stock, 25mm & 38mm also soon to be available
All discs are excellent quality at very low prices
General purpose discs are suitable for most applications at a low cost
Industrial grade discs are long lasting and suitable for constant use
Premium grade offers superb price-performance ratio, with excellent cut rate and long lifespan
Specialist discs available such as 100% white ceramic grain for aluminium and titanium, and star-shaped SCM for fillet weld dressing
Recommended tools: Chicago Pneumatic CP7202 Pistol Sander for light use or for frequent industrial use we’d recommend the Dynabrade 48541 2″ (51mm) Right Angle Disc Sander or 48531 3″ (76mm) Right Angle Disc Sander
Use with our high-quality 2″ and 3″ disc holders (thick rubber)
‘R’ screw-type fitting, also known as ‘TR’, ‘SL2’, ‘roloc’, ‘siafix’, ‘quick-release’, ‘quick change’ or ‘locking-type’, for quick and easy attachment/removal
Large volume and resale options also available – please call us to discuss your requirements

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