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Turbo-Strip Roloc Discs, 50/Pack

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Turbo-Strip Roloc Discs, 50/Pack

Turbo-Strip black stripping discs are ideal for surface stripping & cleaning on both the face and edge of the disc. Fast cutting and long-lasting. Quickly remove paint, scale, rust and debris both on flat and uneven surfaces. Get into tight corners using the face and the edge of the disc. Open web construction prevents loading and ensures consistent removal. A great addition to any workshop where surface preparation is involved!



Product Description of Turbo-Strip Roloc Discs, 50/Pack

  • Perfect for stripping paint and rust from metal workpieces
  • Open-coat structure reduces clogging on softer metals
  • Preferable to the larger centre-hole equivalent stripping discs (for angle grinders) when working on hard to reach areas such as car body panels
  • Reduces rework - the spring-like structure of the fibres contours to the surface and will remove contaminants without also taking away stock
  • Safer than using wire wheels as will not gouge the workpiece
  • Fast cutting and long-lasting
  • Clean welds, remove rust, scale, lacquer and paint
  • Currently available in 50mm and 75mm
  • Recommended tools: Chicago Pneumatic CP7202 Pistol Sander for light use or for frequent industrial use we'd recommend the Dynabrade 48541 2" (51mm) Right Angle Disc Sander or 48531 3" (76mm) Right Angle Disc Sander
  • Use with our high-quality 2" and 3" disc holders
  • 'R' screw-type fitting, also known as 'TR', 'SL2', 'roloc', 'siafix', quick-release or locking-type, for quick and easy attachment/removal