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Dynabrade Gear-Driven Sanders

Air-Powered, 5″, 6″ and 8″ Diameters – 900 RPM for Aggressive Removal Applications

• Unique epicycloidal sanding action allows aggressive removal of material.
• Applications include removal and leveling of large amounts of filler materials such as glue or epoxy; removing coatings. For use on materials including solid surfaces, wood and fiberglass.
• Ergonomically designed for low vibration and reduced sound levels.
• Excellent comfort and control, especially when working on vertical sides or large tabletops. Long handle allows for two-hand support of tool.


Model 58441 – 5″ Diameter
• Includes 57760 Hook-Face Sanding Pad.
Model 58442 – 6″ Diameter
• Includes 57762 Vinyl-Face Sanding Pad.
Model 58445 – 8″ Diameter
• Includes 56234 Vinyl-Face Sanding Pad.

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Central Vacuum

• Central Vacuum models are designed for use with central vacuum system or external vacuum source.
• Includes combination lip-seal shroud/overskirt, which allows greater workpiece visibility and enhanced vacuum capability.
• Dust is extracted away from air motor (reducing contamination) for a smoother, easier path of extraction.
• Anti-clog design for efficient sanding of damp filler material.
Model 58443 – 6″ Diameter
• Includes 57763 Vinyl-Face Sanding Pad (6 holes).
• Vacuum shroud has 1″ outside diameter vacuum port.
• Accepts optional 57765 Hook-Face Pad.
Dynabrade Gear-Driven Sanders Image-epicycloidal
Model 58444 – 6″ Diameter
• Includes 57766 Hook-Face Sanding Pad (8 holes).
• Vacuum shroud has 1″ outside diameter vacuum port.
Model 58446 – 8″ Diameter
• Includes 56235 Vinyl-Face Sanding Pad (8 holes).
• Vacuum shroud has 2″ outside diameter vacuum port.Dynabrade Gear-Driven Sanders Image2

Air-Powered, 11″ Diameter – Cover More Area in Less Time!

• Powerful .45 hp air motor runs at 900 RPM, for aggressive material removal.
• Extra-large 11″ sanding area allows operator to cover more area in less time, levelling substrates and removing filler material with ease and efficiency.
• Useful for fabricators of large solid surface pieces, composite materials and more.
• Unique “epicycloidal” pad motion generates torque-enhanced power, for consistent material removal.
• Tool features long handle design for easy two-handed control. Operator comfort is enhanced, especially when working in vertical positions.
• Includes weight-mated sanding pad for reduced vibration levels.
• Speed control lever is conveniently located for easy thumb adjustment.
• Insulated tool housing reduces cold air transmission to the hand.
• Safety-lock throttle lever prevents accidental start-up of tool.


Model 58040 – 11″ Diameter
• For use with non-vacuum abrasive discs.
• Includes 56231 Hook-Face sanding pad, for abrasive discs 11-1/4″ (286 mm) in diameter.

Central Vacuum

Model 58041 – 11″ Diameter
• For use with “O” style abrasive discs, which allow dust to be drawn up through pad holes.
• Includes 56231 Hook-Face sanding pad, for abrasive discs 11-1/4″ in diameter.
• Vacuum shroud has 1-1/4″ diameter port, for connection to external vacuum system.

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Dynabrade Gear-Driven Sanders Specs Table

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