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Dynabrade Tools For Welding & Metalworking

These tools have been identified as Dynabrade’s top performing air tools for both weld preparation and removal as well as blending & polishing applications. Consistent speed and power are critical factors to consider when selecting an air tool.

Dynabrade manufactures powerful tools that maintain speed and will allow a welder to quickly ready the work surface or remove a poor or damaged weld. One step in ensuring the strength of a weld is to start with a “clean” surface that is free of coatings, rust or other debris.

Dynabrade air tools prepare an edge for welding in three main ways: Grinding, Sanding & Peening. The term “Grinder” refers to many different tools that
accomplish similar tasks. Dynabrade manufactures a variety of “Grinders” that typically accept bonded and coated abrasive discs, but can also utilise non-woven abrasives and wire products. The tools typically found in the first stages of the welding process include Depressed Center Wheel Grinders, Die Grinders, Disc Sanders & Peening machines.

Once the weld has been sufficiently prepared or removed, the operator will move to the blending & polishing stage; this concerns more how a workpiece is going to look when finished than material removal – though some material removal may still be required.

Dynabrade’s range of tools extends to the finishing stages of a welder’s application where a grain pattern is set, or prior to a final coating being applied to a work piece. Creating an acceptable finish can be the most time consuming and difficult aspects of a welder’s job; often requiring multiple steps to reach a required end! Dynabrade tools assist welders in the blending and polishing stages of their work by:
– Allowing access to hard-to-reach areas
– Multiple horsepower and speeds for light duty or demanding applications
– Abrasive compatibility

At this stage we would recommend 1 hp tools like the Dynastraight® tools and .25 hp sanders such as the Dynorbital-Spirit® random orbital sander. These tools can be more specialised depending on the size and shape of your job as well, and operate at different speeds that are ideal for different substrates.