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Dynabrade Disc Sanders (Right Angle) For Welding & Metalworking

These tools have been identified as Dynabrade’s top performing right angle disc sanders for weld preparation and removal applications. Consistent speed and power are critical factors to consider when selecting an air tool. Dynabrade manufactures powerful tools that maintain speed and will allow a welder to quickly ready the work surface or remove a poor or damaged weld.

These are ideal for applications including removing coatings, preparing edges for fresh welds or levelling an existing weld. Accepts fibre discs and layered flap discs depending on your application needs.

1.3 hp Models

Model 52631 4″ (102mm) Diameter
Model 52634 4-1/2″ (115mm) Diameter
Model 52635 5″ (127mm) Diameter
Model 52657 7″ (178mm) Diameter, 6,000 RPM
Model 52802 7″ (178mm) Diameter, 7,200 RPM
Model 53868 7″ (178mm) Diameter, 8,500 RPM

7″ Diameter – includes Backing Pad (51121) and flange.
5″ Diameter – includes Backing Pad (51150), plus mounting hardware.
4-1/2″ Diameter – includes Backing Pad (51148), plus mounting hardware.
4″ Diameter – includes locking-type Backing Pad (50192).


.7 hp Models

Available in standard or extended lengths. Standard length models have an ergonomic housing with rear exhaust and muffler for more compact design to access hard-to-reach areas. 3-3/8″ extension models offer longer reach on/in work piece, and allows for two-hand control and operator comfort.

3″ Diameter – includes 51347 medium density locking-type backup pad.
4″ Diameter – includes 50192 hard density locking-type backup pad.

Model 54400 Standard, 18,000 RPM
Model 54406 Standard, 12,000 RPM
Model 54403 3-3/8″ Extension, 18,000 RPM
Model 54409 3-3/8″ Extension, 12,000 RPM

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