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Dynabrade 3" Dia. Vacuum Cut-Off Wheel Tools

Vacuum Air-Powered 3″ Dia. Cutting Tools For Efficient Cutting with Capture of Dust and Debris. Ideal For Use On Fibreglass and Composites.

Right Angle, .4 hp, 12,000 RPM

Model 52538 – Rear Exhaust
• Ideal for use with optional 3″ diameter Diamond Cut-Off Wheels with 3/8″ center hole.
• Adjustable wheel guard has vacuum port (1″ outside diameter) that diverts airborne dust and debris to optional vacuum source.
• Non-marring composite base is removable to utilize maximum blade depth of 11/16″. Optional 52646 composite base is available for gel coat notching.
• “Dual wick” lubrication system saturates gears with oil for increased performance, extended life and reduced downtime. Tool includes 95848 Gear Oil and 95541 Gear Oil Gun.
• Safety-lock lever is included.

Extended Straight-Line, 1 hp, 18,000 RPM

Model 52537 – Rear Exhaust
• For use with optional 3″ diameter Diamond Cut-Off Wheels with 3/8″ center hole.
• Vacuum shroud diverts airborne dust and debris, through 1″ outside diameter port to optional external vacuum source.
• Vacuum shroud cover may also be used as a trim guide, for cutting as close as 5/32″ (4 mm).
• Extension design is ideal for two-hand use, offering enhanced comfort and control.
• Blade guide allows exposure of 9/16″ (14 mm) depth of Cut-Off Wheel.
• Cut-Off Wheel is changed quickly and easily, without removal of shroud cover plate.
• Safety-lock throttle lever is included.

3 Inch Vacuum Cut-Off Wheel Tools Image{2}

Unique Shroud and Flange Design Adds Versatility! Ideal for use on Fiberglass and Composites.

3″ Diameter, Straight-Line, .7 hp, 20,000 RPM

Model 52418 – Rear Exhaust
• Accepts optional 3″ (76 mm) diameter Diamond Cut-Off Wheels with
3/8″ diameter mandrel.
• Unique cutaway shroud design allows 1″ (25 mm) wheel depth exposure.
• Vacuum shroud diverts dust and debris through 1″ outside diameter
port, to optional vacuum source.
• Non-marring plastic flange protects work surface while cutting.
• Adjustable cutting height, from flush to 5/8″ (16 mm) above work
surface, is achieved by inserting wheel mandrel deeper into collet.
• Operating tool in horizontal position allows flush-cut trimming of edges.
• An essential tool for boat builders, pool, spa and shower manufacturers,
and composite industries.
• Safety-lock lever is included.

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3 Inch Vacuum Cut-Off Wheel Tools Specs Table

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