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Electrostatic Discharge (E.S.D) Sanding Solutions

Electrostatic Discharge Symbol

ESD Protective Symbol

What is electrostatic discharge?

ESD is the sudden discharge of an accumulated electrical charge between two objects. Discharges at elevated voltages can often be observed in the form of a visible spark and felt by a person.

Causes of ESD

Sanding applications have a high likelihood of generating static electricity. This is due to the rapid movement of particles over composite, fibreglass, wood etc. Rubbing or sanding across different materials is a major cause of ESD. Another factor is the environment; low humidity also increases the likelihood of a charge build-up.

Why ESD awareness is important

Knowing the possible effects of ESD is key to a safe workplace.
Not only can mild shocks occur to the employee as they sand but Electrostatic Discharge can also:

  • Ignite flammable gases, vapours and dust.
  • Cause imperfections in surface finishes.
  • Damage electronics and equipment
  • Present bigger health hazards if the static shock is great enough

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge

The best way to prevent ESD while working is to provide an avenue for the charge to move away from the user. As well as sensitive equipment, or combustible materials.

As a result, all Dynabrade ESD tools are equipped with a copper grounding wire. This therefore will allow the tool to attach to the earth ground of a vacuum via the hose. Dynabrade vacuum hoses contain a copper ground wire creating a path away from the operator.

In addition, (2) 1 Megaohm resistors are placed in line with the copper wire to disperse current upstream and downstream in the event of contact with an electrical current.

Finishing & Detail Sanding Products

Blending & Finishing Products

Designed for large, high-volume sanding applications, Dual-Grip, Random Orbital Sanders provide an added layer of protection against static shock.

Leveling & Stock Removal Products

Specifically designed for very aggressive material removal applications Dual-Grip, Gear-Driven Sanders are high-torque tools that maintain speed under significant downward pressure and are also ideal for use with coarse-grit abrasives.