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Air Line Solutions For Increased Performance & Improved Safety

Reduce air loss to increase productivity & efficiency

Dynashop offer airline solutions in both spark-resistant or antistatic options. Designed to increase efficiency and improve operator safety for all tasks involving compressed air. These airline solutions are ideal for all industries.

High flow & Energy saving

The quick-connect coupler has the highest airflow on the market. A high flow solution requires less compressed air, allowing the compressor to be set at a lower pressure. This results in increased efficiency and reduced production time for the end-user.

Vented Safety function

The couplers are designed with a vented safety function. This allows downstream air pressure to vent from the airline before disconnection. Improving operator safety by reducing noise levels and eliminating the risk of injury caused by airline recoil.

Extreme durability

To ensure the products are durable against impact, vibration and swivelling in extreme work environments, every Dynabrade product undergoes many hours of testing resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.

The Air Lines

Spark-Resistant Airlines:

Spark-Resistant airlines are resistant to scorching and damage while exposed to sparks in welding or steel cutting environments.

Antistatic Airlines:

The antistatic airlines electrically conductive hose is made of braided EPDM Rubber that dissipates electro-static discharge and minimizes shock to the operator.

Dynabrade Safety Connectors


  • Easier to assemble
  • No risk of over pressing the ferrule and damaging the airline,
    reducing the opportunity of explosion.
  • No need to apply Teflon on the plug or coupler thread
  • No leakage
  • Better airflow and less pressure drop
  • Increase the tool performance

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