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Dynabrade Tools For The Aerospace Industry

Dynabrade Inc. presents an incredible variety of pneumatic tools for use in the aerospace industry. Providing countless application solutions, these top-quality tools reduce production time as they improve your final product!


Mini-Dynafile II

The smallest member of Dynabrade’s Abrasive Belt Tool line, the Mini-Dynafile® II is an essential choice for aircraft repair facilities.

The tool accepts coated abrasive belts, ideal for cutting down hard-to-reach rivet backs or heads. It also accepts non-woven nylon belts for removing corrosion or paint, with no damage to the skin or airframe. Many contact arms are offered to suit specific applications.

Turbine-Driven Pencil Grinder

The Turbine-Driven Pencil Grinder offers precision deburring and finishing on a variety of surfaces.

The extension model (shown) provides 1-1/4″ (32 mm) of extended reach, into openings as small as 3/8″ diameter. The tool provides enough power to cut rivets down. Available in a variety of speeds, this tool has extremely low run-out for delicate work.

Die Grinder

Every aircraft technician must have a Dynabrade Die Grinder in his or her arsenal!

Models are offered in angle-head, straight-line, 7° offset and right-angle configurations, which each include 1/4″ and 6 mm collets. Air motors are available of .4 hp, .5 hp, .7 hp and 1 hp. These tools may be utilized for grinding, flattening, blending, general maintenance and much more.

Right Angle Disc Sander

Dynabrade offers the world’s most popular Right Angle Disc Sander for aircraft repair!

12,000 RPM, .4 hp air motor is perfect for removing corrosion and paint without damaging sensitive aircraft materials. This is a high-torque tool that will not create heat checks or stress points, without sacrificing stock removal speed. Various speeds and configurations are available.

Dynastraight Finishing Tool

Dynastraight® Finishing Tool effectively removes corrosion, paint, oxidation and contaminants without removing parent material!

The Tool accepts abrasive belts on inflatable pneumatic wheels, or surface conditioning discs (as shown). Discs are designed for non-loading of paint. A high-torque, slow-speed motor is available at various speeds.

Pistol Grip Drill

An ergonomically designed Pistol Grip Drill is ideal for multiple purposes on aircraft.

The tool features a powerful high-torque motor, with a textured tactile grip for optimum comfort. May be configured with standard drill bits, or “pancake” drill attachment as shown here. Models offered in speeds from 500 RPM to 20,000 RPM. A “must-have” tool for aircraft technicians!

Dynabug II

Dynabug® II is a lightweight “jitter-bug” type orbital sander, which accepts sanding pads of various shapes and sizes.

This is ideal for sanding in hard-to-reach areas, and into 90º corners. 3/32″ (2.5 mm) orbit allows the operator to finesse-sand and feather-sand.

Dynafine Detail Sander

Dynafine® Detail Sander is shown with hook-face sanding pad in unique tear-drop shape, perfect for sanding in hard-to-reach areas.

The tool features a 1/32″ (0.8 mm) orbital action for superior finishes. Accepts many additional sanding pad shapes. No need to hand-sand when you have this tool!

Dynabrade Rotary Buffer

Dynabrade Rotary Buffer is perfect for leading-edge polishing.

Offering a strong .7 hp, 2,500 RPM air motor, this popular tool weighs less than five pounds and will outlast electric buffers! 5/8″-11 male spindle accepts optional backup pads and polishing buffs, from 6″ to 8″ (152mm to 302 mm) in diameter. Choose among several styles and speeds.

Cut-Off Wheel Tool

Cut-Off Wheel Tool is utilized to trim, shape and cut honeycomb for composite panels and on other materials.

Also utilized for cutting out corrosion repair in fuselage skin. Available in many motors, speeds and configurations, in non-vacuum and vacuum models (shown).