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Dynabrade Tools For Weld Preparation & Removal

The tools listed below have been identified as Dynabrade’s top-performing air tools for weld preparation and removal applications. Consistent speed and power are critical to consider when selecting an air tool. Dynabrade manufactures powerful tools that maintain speed and will allow a welder to quickly ready the work surface or remove poor/damaged welds.

One step in ensuring the strength of a weld is to start with a “clean” surface that is free of coatings, rust or other debris. Dynabrade air tools prepare an edge for welding in three main ways: Grinding, Sanding & Peening.

The term “Grinder” refers to many different tools that accomplish similar tasks. Dynabrade manufactures a variety of “Grinders” that typically accept bonded and coated abrasive discs, but can also utilize non-woven abrasives and wire products. The following will focus on Depressed Center Wheel Grinders, Die Grinders, Disc Sanders & Peening machines which are typically found in the first stages of the welding process.

2hp & 3hp Vertical Tool Series

weld removal prep

Depressed Center Wheel Grinders

Dynabrade 2 and 3 hp Vertical Grinders and Disc Sanders provide fast material removal when preparing to weld or remove an existing weld. Governor controlled motors ensure our tools maintain their speed under load – allowing operators to get more work done with less effort!

1.3hp Right Angle Tool Series

Depressed Center Wheel Grinders

Dynabrade 1.3 hp series of Grinders & Sanders deliver impressive power in a small package! We pride ourselves in this tool’s ability to remove coatings, prepare edges for fresh welds or to level an existing weld. Accepts a wide variety of abrasives like Type 27 bonded products, fibre discs and layered flap discs depending on your application needs

1hp Straight-Line Die Grinders & Grinders

Die Grinders

Dynabrade Die Grinders offer a wide range of speeds to suit our end users abrasive selection. Operators can choose a planetary geared model for slow speed high torque applications or governor-controlled, gearless models for where consistent speed under load is key.

.7 hp Disc Sanders

Pistol Grip

Dynabrade .7 hp gearless Disc Sanders are ideal in medium-duty weld preparation and removal applications. 7˚ Offset and Pistol Grip designs allow operators a choice based on how they present an abrasive to the workpiece. Dynabrade Pistol Grip design lends itself to working on vertical surfaces while our offset design keeps operators in a more natural and ergonomic position when working on a flat surface.