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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dynabrade Grinder

Dynabrade grinders are professional, heavy duty tools designed for industrial and manufacturing applications. From buffing to heavy deburring, there is a grinder that will do the job.

Dynabrade grinders are available in a range of builds and specifications. Composite and aluminium models provide lightweight manoeuvrability, while steel models offer exceptional durability and strength. Some models have gearless motors, resulting in less downtime and wear.

All of the Dynabrade grinders in this guide are manufactured in the USA and imported by Dynashop. We sell the full range of 65,000 Dynabrade parts and accessories, right down to screws and pads. If air hoses are required or recommended for a grinder, these may be sold separately. Please call if you need further advice.

Grinder Safety Features

All of the Dynabrade grinders sold through Dynashop come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, plus important safety features. The guards on the grinders are an integral part of the tool, and must be correctly attached for the tool to power on. Additionally, all Dynabrade grinders have a safety lock throttle lever.

Many grinders can be adjusted for left or right handed use, and feature insulated handles to protect the operator against vibration and extreme temperatures.

How to Choose a Dynabrade Grinder

Dynabrade’s grinder range is comprehensive. The table below shows a general guide as to the suitable type for your needs. As ever, if you require
specialist advice, you can contact us here at Dynashop.

PurposeRecommended Type
Buffing and polishingCone or plug grinder with buffing pads (sold separately), low RPM grinder, wet polisher
Long pipes or difficult to reach areasCone or plug extension grinder with correct length shaft
Glass, stone, concrete, composites, acrylic and other work surfacesWet polisher
Weld and stock removal, rust and scale removal, heavy deburringType 27 or Type 11 grinder, high RPM straight line cone or plug grinder
Seam removal, preparation for paintingCone or plug extension grinder, Type 1 grinder
Blending contours, deburring parts, mold finishing, fine detail work on jewelleryPencil grinder

In the sections that follow, we will guide you through the different Dynabrade grinders that we stock.

Dynabrade Grinders / Polishers

The Dynabrade Wet Polisher is a right angle grinder designed for finishing work surfaces. It has a variable speed control from 500 to 3,600 RPM, and is sealed to prevent corrosion. The water feed line is built into the handle and does not interfere with grip. There’s also an adjustable side handle for comfortable operation.

Depressed Centre Wheel Dynabrade Grinders

Dynabrade grinders come in three types: Type 27, Type 11 and Type 1. Dynashop also stocks cone or plug wheel Dynabrade grinders with various extension handles. All pads, wheels and accessories made by Dynabrade are stocked by Dynashop in the UK.

Type 27

The range of Dynabrade grinders includes the Type 27 0.7hp grinder which can be purchased in six different variants: choose a 3” or 4” head; 13,500, 12,000 or 18,000 RPM speed; and select from two different head/body combinations. For general use, the composite model has a lightweight aluminium head, while the heavy duty steel body model has a durable steel head.

The 3hp, 9” Dynabrade grinder has a gearless air motor, resulting in better uptime and fewer wearable parts. It takes a 230mm Type 27 grinding wheel (not included) and has an adjustable, insulated handle. The overspeed shut-off feature ensures that the grinder cuts out if the RPM exceeds the rated speed; the grinder must be serviced before it can be used again.

Dynabrade’s 3hp & 4hp horizontal models come in 4,500 RPM and 6,000 RPM variants. All three versions have an adjustable handle, and exhaust is positioned on the side. We recommend that this grinder is used with a whip hose, which we sell separately.

·Dynabrade also offers a 2” and 3” diameter depressed centre wheel grinders with a right angle design. Both the 2” model and 3” model offer 0.4hp (with 0.55hp model available in the 3”) and a rear exhaust, with a compact muffler shape. Dynashop offers the 2” grinders in 12,000, 15,000 and 20,000 RPM, and the 3” in 15,000 RPM with geared or gearless motor and a removable side handle. If you need this grinder for left or right handled use, we recommend models 57767 or 54783. For comfort, there is also a 7 degree offset model; 52700, which can be converted to a die grinder or drill.

There also 4” diameter,4.5” diameter and 5” diameter centre Dynabrade grinders in the depressed centre wheel range, offering 1hp, 1.3hp and 0.7hp respectively. The 4” model has a rear muffler and can be used left or right handed.

At the larger end of the scale, there are two 7” depressed centre wheel Dynabrade grinders with right angle design. The first has 2hp and 3hp variants. Each variant has three different models, offering 6,000 to 8,500 RPM. The second comes in a 1.2hp or 2hp model and includes an adaptor kit for optional Type 27 wheel use.

Type 1

Type 1 Dynabrade grinders come in 3” and 4” variants with a cushioned grip and rear exhaust. The 3” model comes in 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 RPM variants with a 6” extension. The 4” model comes with or without the extension in 12,000 and 15,000 RPM variants. The 6” version of the Type 1 grinder has a right angled design.

Type 11

The Dynabrade grinder range features a Type 11 cup wheel grinder with a 6” wheel. This grinder
has a gearless air motor and insulated adjustable handle.

Cone or Plug Wheel Grinders

Dynabrade’s grinder range includes an assortment of cone and plug wheel grinders, with various attachments. These are ideal for use in foundries and shipyards, or for buffing and polishing work. Composite and steel variants are
available, along with varying lengths. Dynashop sells all parts and accessories for these grinders.


Cone and plug wheel grinders allow the operator to reach further, or increase distance between themselves and the surface they are working on. In this category, grinders are available from 3,400 to 20,000 RPM.

Purchasing Your Dynabrade Grinder

Dynashop is the UK’s leading importer of Dynabrade tools and accessories, and we stock every item Dynabrade manufactures – right down to the smallest screw. If you’re not sure which Dynabrade grinder is right for the job, or you need to obtain a part, fill in our short Advice form, or call us now on 01273 468736.

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