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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dynabrade Orbital Sander

Dynabrade orbital sanders are industrial machines for fabricators and manufacturers. The disc on the sander spins while moving in a random pattern known as an orbit. This random movement gives surfaces a superb, smooth finish without leaving patterns or swirls.

The Dynabrade D3 orbital sanders are the most popular model with over 137 different tool variations for all types of application. These are:

Tool Weight – Vacuum Type – Pad Size – Orbit

For a more detailed explanation of Dynabrade’s range of D3 Random Orbital Sanders please read our guide.

Dynabrade Random Orbital Sanders (D3)

All models shown are central vacuum, also available as non-vacuum and self-generated vacuum. Models come in various pad sizes and orbits.


Dynorbital Supreme: Ideal for Heavy Duty Work

The Supreme Standard for Random Orbitals

Dynabrade 56854 5" (127 mm) Dia. Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander, Central Vacuum



Dynorbital Silver Supreme: Heavy Duty Work With A Lighter Feel

Supreme Power with Lightweight Comfort

Dynabrade 69008 5" (127 mm) Dia. Dynorbital Silver Supreme Random Orbital Sander, Self-Generated Vacuum


Dynorbital Spirit: Lightweight Yet Powerful

Medium Duty Sander with “D3” Advantages

Dynabrade 59039 5" (127 mm) Dia. Dynorbital-Spirit Random Orbital Sander, Central Vacuum

Dynabrade orbital sanders are available in a range of orbit diameters and pad sizes. The smaller the orbit and pad, the finer the finish will be. The larger the orbit, the more quickly you can work, and the more forceful the motion will be. For the best possible finish, a wet sander is the perfect choice.

Remember that a smaller orbital sander is better for tight curves, and you may have difficulty working with contoured surfaces if the orbit and pad are too large.

Dynabrade Safety

All Dynabrade tools have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect. Durability is built into the design. Dynashop sells all of the consumables you’ll need to keep your orbital sander up and running, including pads and spare parts for your machine. Lever throttles and speed regulators also help to keep your employees safe.

Inevitably, a Dynabrade orbital sander creates dust. To comply with Health and Safety recommendations, consider an orbital sander with a vacuum to prevent harmful inhalation. Self generated vacuums are used with dust collection accessories, also available from Dynashop. Alternatively, a wet orbital sander will reduce the amount of dust that is generated.

Choosing Your Dynabrade Orbital Sander

Our recommendations are always general, and we’d be pleased to give you a custom recommendation if you contact us directly.

PurposeRecommended type
Repairing dust nibs and removing minor surface marksMini-Dynorbital, Offset Mini-Dynorbital
Heavy duty work, heavy workMachines with large orbit
Fine finishing, light sandingDynorbital Spirit, Mini-Dynorbital
Wet sanding without hose, flat surfacesWet Dynorbital
Vertical surfacesWet Dynorbital, Two-Hand Dynorbital
Paint imperfectionsRight Angle, Angle-Head or Offset Mini-Dynorbital
ContoursMini-Dynorbital, Dynorbital Spirit

Dynabrade Orbital Sander Types

In this article, we’ll briefly run through the characteristics of each Dynabrade orbital sander. For clarification, click through to the individual product pages.

The Dynorbital Range

The 11” diameter Dynorbital sander features an air-powered motor capable of 2,500 RPM. Dynashop sells an optional side handle for this tool, which facilitates firm control and grip. Non-vacuum and central vacuum versions are available.

There is also a two-handed version of the Dynorbital, which is ideal for vertical use. The unit is available with or without a vacuum (self generated, or via a central hose). Different pad sizes and orbits are available, and models are available in 10,000 RPM and 12,000 RPM.

The Dynorbital Supreme is a flagship model in the D3 range, which boasts the highest RPM in the industry. It’s designed for the ultimate in comfortable use, with a contoured handle and insulation to stop the cold air from the vacuum being transferred to the operator’s hand.

The Wet Dynorbital Supreme is ideal for operators who apply water using a spray or nozzle. The machine does not have a water feed built in, and it also has a protective shield to minimise spray. Purchase it in Basic or Supreme versions, with a 3/16” orbit and 5mm diameter pad, or a 3/32” orbit and 2.5mm pad.

The Dynabrade orbital sander range also includes a Silver Supreme D3 model, a very modern take on the orbital sander design. Manufactured in steel, this sander has a patented, ergonomic grip with comfortable recessed lever, and is compact and manoeuvrable.

The Spirit Range

The range of Dynabrade orbital sanders includes the Dynorbital Spirit, an extremely compact and lightweight machine ideal for operators who find large sanders difficult to control. This key Dynabrade orbital sander can be used with or without vacuum, and is available in dozens of size and RPM combinations.

There’s also a HiVac version of the Spirit, which offers improved dust collection with fine sanding. It can be ordered with a 3/16” or 3/32” pad, and collects dust through the pad itself. It weighs the same as the Mini-Dynorbital below; just 1.3lbs (600g).

The Mini-Dynorbital Range

Dynabrade has repackaged its orbital sander into a tiny palm-sized form factor, giving users precise control and the ability to finish intricate shapes.

The Silver Supreme model weighs a miniscule 1.3lbs (600g), making it comfortable to work with and easy to manoeuvre. This grinder comes with a storage bracket and pad.

The Supreme Mini-Dynorbital is available in 5,000 RPM and 7,500 RPM models for intricate jobs and the repair of small defects.

The range of small Dynabrade orbital sanders features an offset model, which is sold on its own or with a number of accessories. This package is called the Versatility Kit, and includes two sanders, a 1 /4” die grinder and a 3 1/ 2” disc sander.

There is also a right-angle Mini-Dynorbital Dynabrade orbital sander that is packaged with a micro-finishing film disc. All additional discs and accessories are available through Dynashop in the UK. The Angle-Head Mini Dynorbital completes the range, providing the flexibility of a right-angled design with the convenience of an extended rear exhaust. It’s available on its own, or in two different Versatility Kits.

Invest in the Right Dynabrade Orbital Sander

DynaShop is here to help you choose the right orbital sander, depending on your task and budget. Our team will guide you through all of the products we’ve listed; you can even send a picture of the job to get bespoke advice and guidance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all your Dynabrade accessories, too.