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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dynabrade Belt Sander

Dynabrade belt sanders are industrial-grade tools designed for intensive deburring, finishing and sanding. This guide quickly covers the models in the Dynabrade range; all of them are available to buy today from Dynashop.

Choosing Your Dynabrade Belt Sander

The table below offers some general suggestions for tools that are suitable for particular jobs. For more specialised advice, contact DynaShop for a bespoke solution to the task.

PurposeSuggested type
Surface levelling, graining, finishingTake About Sander
Working in tight spacesDynafile II, Vacuum Dynafile II, 0.4hp Dynafile II, Mini-Dynafile II, Dynangle
Grinding, deburring, weld seam removal, metal fabricationDynabelter, Dynafile III
Strap polishingDynangle II
Adding grainDynangle

Dynabrade Belt Sander Models

DynaShop sells every model of Dynabrade belt sander, as well as every accessory, Dynabrade abrasive, and contact arm for each model. Below, we’ll run through some of the key products in the Dynabrade belt sander range.

Take About Sander

The Dynabrade Take About Belt Sander is an air powered tool that’s designed for aggressive finishing. It uses Dynabrade 3” x 24” abrasive belts and has a straightforward toggle control to tighten the belts, as well as adjustable tracking controls.

Dynabrade 52900 Take-About Sander Abrasive Belt Tool, Central Vacuum
Dynabrade Take-About Belt Sander


The Dynabelter is ideal for weld grinding and finishing on metals, wood, plastic, stone and composites. There are three models in the Dynabelter range, from 0.7hp through to 2.0hp, allowing you to choose a heavy duty variant for more aggressive work. Note that the 2.0hp model takes wider abrasive belts.

The Dynabelter Accu-Grinder is ideal for weld removal, and is noted for the pattern it leaves on the metal. It’s designed for tasks where you need a flat finish. You can select the depth of the

The Dynabelter Finisher is a Dynabrade belt sander designed for finishing. It offers 0.7hp at 18,000 RPM, and has a front exhaust with a 3/8” hose. The Dynabelter takes 1” x 60” abrasive belts.

Pipe Belt Finisher

Dynabrade’s air-powered pipe belt finisher is designed to finish curved surfaces. The unique design allows the abrasive belt to make contact with a large surface area, speeding up the sanding process. The tool has an adjustable side handle, and a tension arm to make belt changes fast and simple. The air-powered Dynabrade belt finisher also has an extended rear exhaust with a muffler to reduce noise levels.


The original Dynafile is a Dynabrade belt sander is internationally believed to be the best in its class. The Dynafile was launched as a direct replacement for manual sanding, and its composite belt guard makes it incredibly easy to use. The Dynafile uses 24″ belts and includes a 11218 Contact Arm, or there is also the Versatility Kit which contains five different arms and various abrasives.

Additional Dynafile Contact Arms are available from Dynashop.

Dynafile II

The Dynabrade Dynafile II belt sander is a compact model available in either pneumatic or electric variations, and ideal for working in a confined area. This versatile tool can be used on a variety of materials and has a 360-degree pivoting head and an ergonomic offset handle.

The Dynafile II can also be converted into a die grinder or drill. To use the tool for either purpose, you will need to purchase a suitable collet or chuck. Both are sold separately, and can be purchased from us here at Dynashop.

There’s also a vacuum version of the Dynafile II, which includes an integrated vacuum that can be moved around easily while you work. The dust collection features an innovated double bag system. The vacuum Dynafile II operates at 20,000 RPM and 0.5hp.

If you prefer not to use air-powered Dynabrade belt sanders, there is also an electric Dynafile II which is available with 110V or 240V variants. This tool is available in a Versatility Kit.

Dynashop also sells compatible contact arms for Dynabrade sanders. We stock the full range, which you can browse on our Dynafile II contact arms page.

Dynafile III

The Dynabrade belt sander range includes the Dynafile III, a tool designed for deburring and blending, and removing welds. It’s built using the same design principles as the Dynafile II, but with a higher 0.7hp rating.

Mini-Dynafile II

The Mini-Dynafile II is a smaller Dynabrade belt sander. The range includes the base Mini-Dynafile II, as well as a vacuum version.

The Mini-Dynafile II is designed for superb manoeuvrability, and has all of the features you’d expect from a robust Dynabrade belt sander in a smaller, more compact body. It has a 360-degree pivoting head, a read exhaust, detachable belt guard and 7-degree offset handle. This tool comes with a contact arm for ½” x 12” abrasive belts.

You can purchase the Mini-Dynafile II in a Versatility Kit with a drive wheel, contact arm, case and nylon belts. This tool can also be used as a die grinder when used with the threaded collet included in the Versatility kit.

The vacuum Mini-Dynafile II operates at 0.4hp and 25,000 RPM, with a rear exhaust. It can be connected to a portable vacuum system (sold separately from us at Dynashop), or an external vacuum. This model can be used with any accessory from the Mini-Dynafile I range, and it can be used for grinding and finishing composites, as well as general purpose use.

Dynashop sells the full range of contact arms for Dynabrade belt sanders. Review the complete range for these models on the Mini-Dynafile II contact arms page.

Dynangle and Dynangle II

The original Dynangle is a belt sander designed for precise control and restricted spaces. It can be used with any Dynangle contact arm.

The Dynangle II is a Dynabrade belt sander that is great for grinding curved and flat surfaces, as well as strap polishing. Both single and dual motor versions are available. Also, Dynashop sells an optional conversion kit that can upgrade the single-motor version to a dual motor. This Dynabrade belt sander can also be used with a platen pad.

Buy Your Dynabrade Belt Sander

All Dynabrade belt sanders have a lifetime guarantee against defects, and every accessory you need is right here in the Dynashop online store. For more information and personal guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Dynabrade 40320 Dynafile II Abrasive Belt Tool, Non-Vacuum
Dynabrade Dynafile II Abrasive Belt Tool