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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dynabrade Die Grinder

A Dynabrade Die Grinder is used to finish, buff and shape various any material. These versatile tools are designed for intricate manufacturing and industrial use, and can withstand heavy usage over long periods of time – far beyond their DIY store equivalents.

Many Dynabrade die grinders are air powered and offer superb precision and durability. DynaShop stocks every Dynabrade die grinder, part and accessory, so we are your one stop shop, no matter what the job entails. Each tool is manufactured in the USA, close to Dynabrade’s headquarters in New York state.

Dynabrade Die Grinder: Safety and Warranty

Each Dynabrade die grinder has a safety lock lever to prevent injury. Handles are designed to minimise fatigue or injury from vibration or strain. Some models have a conductive hose to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).

If a Dynabrade tool malfunctions, it can be returned to Dynabrade for repair or replacement. All models are covered by a comprehensive guarantee for the life of the tool.

Ensure your tool is used with a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator to comply with the warranty conditions, and check the RPM with a tachometer to ensure correct speed.

How to Choose the Correct Dynabrade Die Grinder

Our Ultimate Guide offers detailed information on each type of Dynabrade die grinder, and you can click directly through to the product pages for more information. The table below describes our general recommendations. You can get specific advice for your job by contacting the DynaShop team directly.

PurposeRecommended Type
Intricate metal fabrication; aerospace parts, turbine blades.4 hp Extension Die Grinder
Non-metal work, such as deburring composites and fiberglassVacuum Die Grinder
Precision deburring1hp Die Grinder, Pencil Grinder
Removing lines in aluminium, bronze or brass castingsPencil Grinder
Heat and wear resistance at speeds up to 100,000 RPMAir Motor Pencil Grinder with Ceramic Bearings
General purpose/ all materials.4hp Straight Line Die Grinder

We’ll now look at these die grinders in more detail.

The Range of Dynabrade Die Grinders

Dynabrade’s 1hp Die Grinder is available in different RPM speeds, from 950 scaling up to 20,000. Gearless and geared versions are available. All models in this category have a rear exhaust and a 1/ 4” collet. Select a model with or without an extension.

Dynabrade’s .7 hp Die Grinder is available in more than two dozen different models. Choose a degree offset, right angle, extended right angle or straight line form factor, with gears or without. You’ll find much more information about this die grinder on the product page.

There are two Dynabrade .5 hp 7 degree die grinders. The first is model 52218, a 20,000 RPM grinder with a long handle and front exhaust. This model has a 1/4 “ collet and an offset shape, and is gearless for reduced wear and maintenance. The second .5 hp Die Grinder is available in four different RPM speeds, in offset or straight line designs, and with a front or rear exhaust.

Dynabrade 52665 1 hp Straight-Line Die Grinder, Non-Vacuum
Dynabrade Die Grinder

Dynabrade also offers a .4 hp Die Grinder in right angle or 7 degree offset variants.

Pencil Grinders

Dynabrade Pencil Grinders have a variable speed control, allowing the operator to adjust the RPM from 35,000 up to 60,000. Model 52850 has a 1/8” collet, while model 52855 has a 3mm collet. All models have been designed for long life, and have an ergonomic form factor and insulation to reduce fatigue.

There is also a rotary vane air motor variant (models 52861 to 52864), which offers adjustable speed from 5,000 to 25,000 RPM. This makes it incredibly versatile, and it’s simple to use, with a rotary control to select the speed. When choosing accessories for this die grinder, make sure they are compatible with the RPM rating. Contact DynaShop if you need advice.

Model 51730 is a turbine-driven air motor die grinder with ceramic bearings. This design provides exceptional heat and wear resistance, and is available in four different speeds: 35,000, 50,000, 60,000 or 100,000 RPM. Other models are available in this range, giving you the choice of collet size, bearing type and extension length.

The Dynabrade Central Vacuum Pencil Grinder has an air motor driven by a turbine. It has no gears, so the wear is greatly reduced and there is no need to oil the machine. This grinder comes with red, gold or teal tool caps in 35,000, 50,000 or 60,000 RPM. Models have a 1/8” or 3mm collet.

These .4 hp extension, 25,000 RPM Extension Die Grinders allow for intricate work in hard to reach places. Choose from 3” or 6” extension with a 4 piece collet. Models in this range come with a front or rear exhaust, according to your requirements.

Vacuum Die Grinders

The Vacuum-Ready Dynabrade Die Grinder allows you efficiently remove waste material in an instant. It has a vaccum sleeve that can be quickly adjusted to fit, or removed entirely if preferred. Choose from a central or right angle vacuum, and .4 hp, .7 hp or 1 hp. Most models in this range are gearless; the 56715 and 56719 are geared. Dyabrade die grinders in this range span 5,000 to 25,000 RPM.

Extended Muffler Die Grinders

The 48201 is a Dynabrade Die Grinder with extended muffler, a rear exhaust and a low maintenance gearless design. It’s designed for use on any material for complete versatility, and is designed to be comfortable in the hand. This model is lightweight, with a core that resists wear.

Choosing a Dynabrade Die Grinder

Dynashop is the UK’s leading retailer of Dynabrade parts and accessories. We can support you in finding the right tool for any purpose, and help you to pair your purchase with the right accessories. If you need a part, we guarantee to stock it.

Don’t forget to review our Ultimate Guide to Dynabrade Grinders.

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