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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dynabrade Sander

Dynabrade Sanders

Our sanders are designed for industrial use and are recognised as one of the leading pneumatic sanding tool manufactures. The range is incredibly diverse, with sanders for most manufacturing and professional tasks, while all Dynabrade tools are made in the USA.

With a range of Dynabrade sanders available, you might be wondering which one is right for the job. Here at DynaShop, we’ve put together this handy guide to the different models and variants.

Please note: this guide doesn’t include orbital sanders or belt sanders. We have covered these in separate guides.

Sander Safety Features

All Dynabrade sanders sold through DynaShop have a warranty that protects you for the life of the tool. Should a fault develop, don’t risk using it: simply call DynaShop for advice, or use the on line repair booking form to submit your tool for service and repair.

How to Choose a Dynabrade Sander

There are a huge variety of finishing tools in the Dynabrade catalogue, and its designers are constantly coming up with revised and improved models. If you’re not sure which sander to choose for a particular task, the team at DynaShop can advise you.

PurposeRecommended Type
Material removal on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium or compositesDynastraight, Lightweight Dynastraight, Mini Dynisher
Sanding, defuzzing, blending and scuffingLightweight Dynastraight, Dyninger
Polishing, light deburring, rust removal, weld cleaningDynastraight Flapper, Lightweight Dyninger
Finishing contoured shapesRolling Pin Sander, Dyninger, Mini Dynisher
Denibbing wood grainDyninger, Denibber
Loose fibre removalLightweight Dyninger
Metal patterningDynisher
Graining and blending, small areasMini Dynisher, Denibber
Paint imperfectionsDenibber

We’ll now look at individual Dynabrade sanders, and the features that differentiate them.

Our Range of Dynabrade Sanders

The Dynabrade sander range spans five main product types: the Dynastraight, Dyninger, Dynisher, Denibber and Rolling Pin Sander.

The Dynastraight

The Dynastraight is an air-powered finishing tool, available in a variety of models for a wide type of sanding applications.

The range starts with model 13200, a 950 RPM, .7hp sander, and goes all the way up to the model 13519, a 6,000 RPM, 1ph sander. Some models have a cushioned grip and/or an air chuck.

Some Dynastraights come with extension pieces, but the Dynacushion wheels are sold separately unless you purchase a Versatility Kit. Please take care to choose the correct diameter bore; ask DynaShop for guidance if you are not sure which wheels are compatible with your Dynabrade sander.

There is also a Lightweight Dynastraight with a lower .4hp rating. The lightweight version is perfect for long use and awkward work access.

The Dynastraight Flapper is a finishing and polishing tool that is used with abrasive flap wheels (sold separately). This tool has a front exhaust, lever throttle, and adjustable speed control. Choose a model with or without an extension and adapter.

Rolling Pin Dynabrade Sander

The Dynabrade Rolling Pin Sander is ideal for finishing curved forms, and has an offset handle for better control. This model includes a pneumatic wheel, and can be used with different nylon belts.

Dynabrade 58050 Rolling Pin Sander, Non-Vacuum
The Rolling Pin Sander

The Dyninger

The Dynabrade Dyninger is designed or working on areas that are hard to reach, as well as general finishing and blending. Instead of wheels, this tool is fitted with up to 6 sanding stars. The Dyninger has an extended rear exhaust design. The abrasive stars are sold separately. You can also purchase a Versatility Kit to receive the stars, Dynabrade sander and accessories in one package.



The Lightweight Dyninger can be used for sealer sanding, metal deburring or composite finishing. Use with spindle mount, Arbor mount and eyelet sanding stars. This tool comes with an air-flow control Dynaswivel fitting that gives the user fine control.

The Dynisher

The Dynabrade Dynisher is an air-powered Dynabrade sander. It leaves an attractive patterned finish on metal. It has a guard that can be turned around, allowing the operator to work close to a wall. The Dynisher comes with an Arbor mounting and can be used with a Dynabrade pneumatic wheel (sold separately).

The Mini Dynisher is the smallest version of the Dynisher, ideal for working on contoured surfaces and achieving a superb finish on metal surfaces. This Dynabrade sander is available in 950 RPM or 3,200 RPM models, or with a pneumatic wheel in a Dynabrade Versatility Kit.

Right Angle Denibber

If you need a Dynabrade sander to quickly deal with imperfections, the Right Angle Denibber is ideal. It is available in front or rear exhaust variants, and uses an orbital action to prevent obvious patterns. The Right Angle Denibber is easy to manoeuvre, enabling comfortable, convenient and accurate work. A sanding pad is included with each version.


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