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Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued)

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Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander, Non-Vacuum

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Product Description of Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued)

Parts Manuals for the Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued)

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Vibration & Sound Readings for the Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued)

Please note – The vibration readings provided for the Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued) are based on laboratory results in very specific sets of conditions. Vibration levels are dependent on a number of factors that include, among many others; the abrasive being used, the job in hand and operator experience. DynaShop or Dynabrade cannot be held responsible for the consequences of using the listed values for risk assessment, rather than real-world values measured in your own specific application.

Vibration Level EN1296 (m/sec²)Uncertainty EN1296 (m/sec²)Vibration Test Method
Under 2.51.3ISO 8662-8

Sound Pressure (dBA)Sound Power (dBA)

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Video of the Dynabrade 57924 Model T Sander (Discontinued)

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Air Inlet Thread

1/4" NPT

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