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Dynabrade 7″ Dia. Right-Angle Disc Sanders

➤ Ideal for grinding sheet metal, composites and carbon fiber. Perfect for large surfaces. ➤ Also utilized for sanding and deburring metal parts. ➤ Great for surface conditioning, plus removing paint, rust and mill finish.

• Includes 51151 Backing Pad, 7″ (178 mm) diameter, and flange.
• Tool accepts optional 7″ (178 mm) diameter Abrasive Discs with 7/8″ (22 mm) center hole.
• Quiet, robust air motor is governor-controlled to maintain consistent RPM under load.
• Convenient Spindle Lock allows quick and easy changing of backing pad or abrasive.
• “Wick Lube” System extends gear life with simple lubrication.
• Vibration dampening side handle is removable for left or right hand use.
• Exhaust system rotates 360º to ensure exhaust is always directed away from operator.
• Solid cast aluminum construction.
• Insulated throttle handle reduces cold air transmission to hand. Throttle Handle position is adjustable.

7 Inch Right Angle Disc Sanders Image

7 Inch Right Angle Disc Sanders Specs Table

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