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Dynabrade 5″ Dia. Vertical Disc Sanders

Grind Sheet Metal, Fiberglass, Composites, Carbon Fiber Sand, Deburr Metal Parts • Surface Condition • Remove Mill Finish • Finish Aluminum • Remove Paint & Rust

Dynabrade 5″ Dia. Vertical Disc Sanders provide fast material removal when preparing to weld or removing an existing weld. Governor controlled motors ensure our tools maintain their speed under load – allowing operators to get more work done with less effort!

• Governor-controlled air motor maintains tool RPM under heavy load.
• Motor is gearless with less wearable parts, ensuring reduced maintenance and less downtime.
• Insulated tool handle minimizes cold air transmission to the hand. Handle position is adjustable for operator comfort.
• All models include safety-lock throttle lever.

5 Inch Vertical Disc Sanders Image

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