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Selecting a Compressor

Pneumatic Power Tools Have Several Advantages over Electric Power Tools

One of the major advantages is durability, however, to make full use of that advantage some important steps must be followed.


A sufficient supply of compressed air is necessary
The air system must be able to deliver an adequate volume of air and maintain the rated operating pressure at the inlet of the tool.

The supply of air must be free of contamination
The types of contamination that need to be eliminated are water (condensation produced by the temperature change while compressing the air), rust scale (rust particles produced inside iron pipes), and atmospheric dust, (dust that is pulled into the compressor from the work environment). Also, it is important to keep dust and debris from entering the air motor when the tool is disconnected from the air supply hose. Always keep the tool air inlet, hose ends, plugs and couplers clear of dust.

Lubrication (oil) through the air supply is important
Supplying oil to rotary vane air motors reduces friction and wear of the moving parts and provides protection for steel components.

Filter-Regulator-Lubricator is Recommended
As an air tool manufacturer, Dynabrade recommends the use of a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator at each tool station. We also encourage the use of correctly sized accessories that will deliver a sufficient supply of air. Some examples of Dynabrade air tool accessories are Dynaswivel® airline connectors, quick disconnect fittings, and in-line blow guns. All of these accessories make for suitable additions to any compressed air system.