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Dynabrade 3″ Dia. 7 Degree Offset Disc Sanders

Dynabrade 3″ Dia. Disc Sanders feature NEW lightweight design, ideal for fast weld removal, metal beveling in weld preparation, deburring and deflashing, surface conditioning, paint removal and more!

Dynabrade .7 hp gearless Disc Sanders are ideal in medium duty weld preparation and removal applications. 7˚ offset designs allow operators a choice based on how they present an abrasive to the workpiece, and enables them to maintain a more natural and ergonomic position when working on a flat surface.

• Ergonomic tool housing with comfortable “soft touch” grip.
• Tool weight is .5 oz. (15 g) lighter than previous models!
• Safety-lock throttle lever included, for maximum safety.
• Supplied with 3″ locking backing pad for quick-release (or screw-type) discs.
• Great for removing welds, dressing and grinding in hard to reach areas.
• Extended rear exhaust models direct air away from the workpiece and the operator.

7° Offset, .7 hp, Gearless

• Includes 51347 Locking-Type Pad (3″ diameter).
• Removable side handle.
Model 52410 – 15,000 RPM, Front Exhaust
Model 52412 – 20,000 RPM, Front Exhaust
Model 52413 – 15,000 RPM, Rear Exhaust
Model 52415 – 20,000 RPM, Rear Exhaust
• Extended muffler design (52413 and 52415 only).

3 Inch 7 Degree Offset Disc Sanders Image{2}
3 Inch 7 Degree Offset Disc Sanders Specs Table

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